PRO Skydiving Locations

Skydive Canyonlands, Moab, UT

Quick Facts

  • Cessna 182 and 210
  • Highest Exit Altitude: 13,500 feet
  • In Business Since: 2010
  • Max Weight: 250
  • Training Methods: AFF ,IAD and ASP
  • USPA Member
  • Hand-cam and outside Video


We are the MOST EXTREME skydiving center in Utah. We are the ONLY place where you can STEER YOUR OWN parachute on the way down and land. Nestled in the heart of Moab, Utah, Skydive Canyonlands offers among the most picturesque vistas in North America, with views of the Merrimac and Monitor rock formations, Dead Horse Point, the Colorado River, and the world-famous buttes of Arches National Park. Your decision to skydive in Moab can easily expand to other outdoor recreation options such as world-class hiking, swimming, white water rafting, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Skydive Canyonlands can help optimize your vacation options when you arrive in Moab. Feel free to ask us for recommendations!

Location Amenities

  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
  • Coaches
  • Creeping Area
  • Gear Rentals
  • Internet - Public PC
  • Internet - Wi-Fi
  • Rigging Services
  • Showers

Jump Packages & Rates

Tandem Skydivefrom $225.00

The instructor will go over the safety procedures with you on the ground, then you will jump onto our C-182 jump plane and be taken to 13,000 ft. Hooked onto the instructor, door opens, take a deep breath and KISS YOUR BEHIND GOOD BYE! Be sure to check out the beautiful Moab on your way down! Once the parachute is opened, YOU will be steering and landing it, with the help of the instructor of course. Whatever you do, DON'T MESS THIS UP! Book 10+ tandem, get the 11th jump and HD videos for FREE

  • Buy 4 for $215.00 each and save 5%
  • Buy 10 for $195.00 each and save 14%

Static Line First Jump Coursefrom $225.00

With the Static line program, you climb to 3,500 above the ground and work your way out to the designated area of the strut of the plane. You will look up, exit the aircraft and a line is connected to the parachute system which is called a static line. You exit and the parachute is automatically deployed by the static line, and the you float down and enjoy the 7-min parachute ride and land safety.

  • Buy 4 for $215.00 each and save 5%
  • Buy 10 for $195.00 each and save 14%

Accelerated Freefall Skydivefrom $225.00

The first three jump levels are Tandem where the student is attached to a Tandem Instructor....they freefall and descend under canopy together. In jump levels 4 - 8, the student and instructor each have their own parachute. They exit the aircraft together for freefall and the instructor shows the student correct procedures through hand signals. The student then lands their own parachute with the assistance of ground to air radio. This method of instruction offers one on one instruction from your first freefall to graduation and you graduate from the student program with only nine jump skill levels.

Multimedia Packages & Rates

Video Packagefrom $85.00

HD Video of your skydiving experience. We will make you look COOL so you can upload your video onto facebook and youtube for the world to see! Book 10 tandems or more, get the HD videos for FREE