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Skydive Spaceland, Rosharon, TX

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At Skydive Spaceland, you get to skydive in style! Skydive Spaceland has the newest, most modern facilities for Houston, Texas skydiving. We are located on a 134-acre private airpark in Rosharon, Texas just 30 minutes south of downtown Houston, TX on Highway 288. We are the only sky diving facility in the Houston area built from the ground up exclusively for skydiving. 30 miles to Galveston Beaches. 14,000-sq.-ft. facility, indoor air-conditioned packing. Take Hwy. 288 S. from Houston to FM 1462 (Alvin, Rosharon) exit. Go west 1.5 miles to FM 521. Go north on FM 521 1/4 mile. Airport is on the right. Open seven days a week.

Location Amenities

Jump Packages & Rates

Tandem Skydivefrom $189.00

A Tandem skydive adventure allows you to experience the thrill of a lifetime! In a fun-filled half-hour class, we not only teach you how to pull the ripcord, but we also show you how to steer and land the parachute just like a professional. Experience has told us this is the best way to start learning how to skydive, and the most fun! After your orientation class, we take you up to 14,000 feet, giving you about 65 seconds of freefall time. All the while, you are harnessed to your expert instructor, who is there to ensure your safety and enjoyment. If you purchased video, your videographer will record your jump preparation, skydive, and landing so you can prove to everyone that you really did it! After falling at 120 miles per hour, you'll slow your descent at 6,000 feet by pulling the ripcord and deploying your parachute. Then you begin a five- to seven-minute exciting parachute descent to a soft, on-target landing. After landing you will receive a logbook from your instructor to certify that you made a Tandem training skydive.

  • Buy 5 for $169.00 each and save 11%

Multimedia Packages & Rates

DVD and Digital Still Photosfrom $109.00

Don't miss the opportunity to capture your tandem skydiving adventure forever! Skyview's experienced videographers will document your sky dive so you can relive your experience of a lifetime (and prove to your friends and family that you actually did it)!. This 10-15 minute, action-packed DVD includes shots of you gearing up for your skydive, followed by an interview getting those final pre-thoughts about your skydive. Then it's time to board the aircraft for a 15-minute plane ride to 14,000 feet. Just before exiting the aircraft, we get any last comments before you start your skydive. As your cameraman hangs outside the aircraft, he will capture your expression as you make the initial leap from the plane. As you free fall at 120 miles per hour, your cameraman flies just a few feet away, capturing your exciting skydiving experience on digital video. After filming your parachute deployment, the cameraman will race down to the landing area and film your landing. You'll conclude your video with a final interview describing how much fun you had on your first skydive. This video is professionally edited with titles, special effects and the music of your choice. Shortly after your jump, you'll walk away with your skydiving DVD and free still digital photos of you during this experience of a lifetime!