PRO Skydiving Locations

Skydive the Flying V Ranch, Williamsburg, MO

Quick Facts

  • Cessna U206s
  • Highest Exit Altitude: 13,000 feet
  • Max Weight: Males 200 lbs, Females 165 lbs. Over 60 years old please call before booking
  • Training Methods: Tandem and Selected AFF
  • Call for Outside video, Hand-cam Video


Skydive the Flying V Ranch

Location Amenities

  • ATM
  • Camping
  • Food Services
  • Internet - Wi-Fi
  • Showers
  • Spectator Area(s)
  • Swimming Pool/Hot Tub
  • Swoop Pond

Jump Packages & Rates

10,500' Tandem Skydivefrom $229.00

Jump from 2 miles up strapped to an Instructor, Free Fall for 40 seconds and enjoy a 5 minute Parachute ride.

13,000' Tandem Skydivefrom $249.00

Our Highest Jump!! Get an extra 13 seconds of Free Fall by going all the way up.

Multimedia Packages & Rates

Handcam Videofrom $49.00

Our least expensive way to get the best video footage of your life. This option is the raw footage of your skydive saved on file in a MP4 format for you to take home and edit yourself.

Handcam Video on DVDfrom $85.00

Capture your jump on Video edited with slow motion and music. Your Instructor will get close up shots of the look on your face while traveling 120 mph at the best planet in the Solar System.