PRO Skydiving Locations

Midwest Freefall, Ray Township, MI

Quick Facts

  • Grand Caravan, Cessna 182
  • Highest Exit Altitude: 14,000'
  • In Business Since: 2001
  • Max Weight: 220
  • Training Methods: Tandem, AFF
  • Turbine DZ
  • USPA Member
  • Outside Video


Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club (SPC), Inc. is a Michigan Non-Profit Club that exists solely for the enjoyment of Skydiving and Sport Parachuting. And we are ready to help you discover the thrill of Skydiving on your first Tandem or Solo Jump! Close to Metro Detroit, Midwest Freefall has Michigan's largest Jet-Prop powered skydiving aircraft - the 17-place Cessna Grand Caravan. With state of the art equipment, outstanding training, and United States Parachute Association certified instructors, we are ready to show you the sky in a way you probably have never imagined! Whether it's just you, or you and 50 of your friends, Midwest Freefall is ready to get you in the air. Book a reservation today and Let's Go!

Location Amenities

  • Camping
  • Coaches
  • Creeping Area
  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Internet - Wi-Fi
  • Load Organizers
  • Rigging Services
  • Showers
  • Spectator Area(s)
  • Video Debrief Facilities

Jump Packages & Rates

14,000 ft. Tandem Skydivefrom $229.00

Tandem skydiving is absolutely the best way to make your first jump! This remarkable system will have you in the air after only about thirty minutes of training. Tandem jumping is like having your own personal skydiving assistant - Your instructor is with you every step of the way! After your ground briefing, you and your instructor will climb to over two miles above the ground in one of our specially equipped aircraft. During the flight, you will have an opportunity to take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding southeast Michigan countryside. Upon leaving the aircraft, you will enjoy the indescribable sensation of 120 mph freefall, lasting for nearly 60 seconds. After your instructor opens the parachute, you will gently glide back to earth under the canopy built for two. During your five minute descent, you will be able to help steer the canopy toward a landing back at the dropzone where your friends will be awaiting your arrival.

  • Buy 5 for $219.00 each and save 5%
  • Buy 10 for $209.00 each and save 9%

AFF First Jump Course Reservationfrom $75.00

Midwest Freefall SPC is proud to offer the area's best personal skydiving instruction, featuring the United States Parachute Association's Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program. You will start with an extensive ground school session (6 - 8 hours). Your first AFF jump will be made using our special student equipment which is equipped with the industry's best safety features. You will climb to over 12,000 feet above the ground, and you and your two freefall instructors will leave the aircraft together and fly for approximatley 60 seconds. You will deploy your own parachute and descend to the landing area with the assistance of ground-to-air radio instruction. The AFF training program progresses through the training levels defined by the United States Parachute Association's Integrated Student Program. In an amazingly short time, you can become a licensed skydiver!

Multimedia Packages & Rates

Digital Video and Still Photography Packagefrom $109.00

DVD video and digital still photography is a great way to share your skydiving experience with friends and family for years to come. Our videographers will document your tandem experience from training to freefall to landing. All of our video is shot by freefall videographers who skydive along side of you, thereby getting the best possible shot. Don't settle for a camera mounted on your instructor's hand, like some of our competitors offer. Get the best images at Midwest Freefall!