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Illinois Skydiving Center, Paxton, IL

Quick Facts

  • Cessna 182


Illinois Skydiving Center is conveniently located only 10 miles away from Champaign / Urbana and the University of Illinois Why drive to a drop zone that is so far away that it has different weather than what you see out your window? If you live in the Champaign - Urbana area, when you look out your window and see the blue sky, you can be pretty sure that the weather is perfect for jumping at Illinois Skydiving Center. Why drive several hours to do your first skydive at a large "tandem factory" skydiving facility with an "instructor" who cranks out 2500 jumps a year? At Illinois Skydiving Center you'll get the personal attention you deserve. All our instructors are expert skydivers, and USPA certified. Our safety record, friendly atmosphere, and customer service reputation set us apart from every other skydiving center.

Location Amenities

  • Coaches
  • Gear Rentals
  • Internet - Wi-Fi

Jump Packages & Rates

Executive Packagefrom $400.00

Tandem jump, handcam and outside video coverage, plus additional footage and editing!

Tandem Skydivefrom $155.00

The tandem jump program is one of the most recent major developments in sport parachuting. After years of testing, parachute manufactures have developed modern gear which pairs the student and instructor in a dual harness. This system allows you to share your skydiving experience with a highly qualified, certified instructor. The instructor will accompany you from takeoff to touchdown, as both of you fly suspended under a parachute designed for two.

Accelerated Freefall Skydivefrom $205.00

The first three jump levels are Tandem where the student is attached to a Tandem Instructor....they freefall and descend under canopy together. In jump levels 4 - 8, the student and instructor each have their own parachute. They exit the aircraft together for freefall and the instructor shows the student correct procedures through hand signals. The student then lands their own parachute with the assistance of ground to air radio. This method of instruction offers one on one instruction from your first freefall to graduation and you graduate from the student program with only nine jump skill levels.

Multimedia Packages & Rates

HandCam Video Packagefrom $75.00

Be sure to get your skydive on DVD.