PRO Skydiving Locations

Archway Skydiving Center, Vandalia, IL

Quick Facts

  • Cessna 182
  • Highest Exit Altitude: 11,500'
  • Training Methods: AFF, Static Line, Tandem
  • Turbine DZ
  • USPA Member


Archway Skydiving boasts fast jumpships, air-conditioned classrooms, the largest landing area, and the most experienced and highly-trained instructors near or around St. Louis. You’ll also find multiple spectator areas, covered picnic space, an indoor lounge, and free camping. Because you'll need to learn to skydive at your own pace and within your own budget, Archway is the only St. Louis area skydiving center that offers three different ways to make that first jump. People have dreamt of flight for centuries, and these dreams become reality each weekend at Archway. Don’t wait any longer. Come experience the thrill that has become a way of life for so many. Come find out why rates Archway Skydiving Center as one of the nation’s five best places for skydiving. Come join the family. Open year-round! Large indoor carpeted and heated packing area. Video room, skydivers' lounge, large unobstructed landing area. Freeflying and relative work coaches. Two miles from I-70, Exit 61. Great vibes, great dropzone!

Location Amenities

  • Camping
  • Climate-Controlled Packing Area
  • Coaches
  • Creeping Area
  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Load Organizers
  • Rigging Services
  • RV Hookups
  • Showers
  • Video Debrief Facilities

Jump Packages & Rates

Tandem Skydivefrom $229.00

You will receive 30 - 45 minutes of training before you and your instructor board the aircraft and climb to altitude, ready to make your first skydive. During the approximate 20 minute climb to your exit altitude, your tandem instructor will connect the harness, and prepare you for exit. As you approach the door to the airplane, the rush you will experience is like no other. After exiting the aircraft, and freefalling for nearly 1 minute, your parachute is deployed and youwill enjoy an absolutely beautiful canopy ride over Vandalia. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced before in your life!

  • Buy 10 for $204.00 each and save 11%

Solo First Jump Coursefrom $169.00

You will be trained by one of our United States Parachute Association rated instructors on the basics of exiting the aircraft, canopy control, landing, and emergency procedures. After completing the first jump course, you will be equipped with your own rig and taken to an altitude of 3,500 ft. to make your first solo skydive. Your parachute is deployed by the static line, which is attached to the aircraft. You'll feel exhilarated as you watch your parachute deploy and you begin your beautiful parachute ride back down to the ground. While under your parachute, you will receive ground-to-air instruction regarding basic canopy control, approaching the airport, and landing technique. Once you have safely landed, you will receive a debrief on your performance as well as a certificate and logbook to document your first step in earning a USPA license. Our static-line students fly only the latest state-of-the-art equipment featuring the Skymaster student canopy. These parachutes are large, docile, and feature a zero-porosity top skin that dramatically improves performance over canopies made from more conventional fabrics. The Skymaster canopy allows you to exert more control during flight and to have softer landings on touchdown compared to what you’ll find elsewhere.

Accelerated Freefall Skydivefrom $289.00

The AFF program allows you to experience approximately 1 minute of freefall on your very first jump. You will exit the aircraft with two highly trained and experienced Accelerated Freefall Instructors, one on each side. This jump is the same as you might have seen Former President Bush perform. An AFF skydive for a first jump is very intense and requires high mental concentration, it’s not for everyone. You will sit through a 5-6 hour class where you will learn aircraft procedures, exit technique, freefall body position, parachute deployment, emergency procedure and canopy control and landing techniques. Once you have completed your training, you will be equipped with all of the equipment necessary to make your first skydive. You and your two instructors will exit the aircraft together and freefall for nearly a minute. You will fly the parachute by yourself, with the guidance of another instructor on a ground to air radio.

Multimedia Packages & Rates

First Jump Course Videofrom $35.00

Video footage of your first static line jump is available for most classes. The footage includes your ride in the airplane and your exit. The footage is NOT put to music. Video of your static line jump is an excellent way to capture the excitement of your first skydive.

Basic Video Packagefrom $79.00

Capture this thrill of a lifetime on video or with still photography. Video and still photography services are available on your first skydive and any skydive thereafter.

Video and Still Photo Packagefrom $99.00

Capture this thrill of a lifetime on video or with still photography. Video and still photography services are available on your first skydive and any skydive thereafter.