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Snake River Skydiving, Twin Falls, ID

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Tandem Skydive - Twin Fallsfrom $225.00

You will receive 30 - 45 minutes of training before you and your instructor board the aircraft and climb to altitude, ready to make your first skydive. During the approximate 20 minute climb to your exit altitude, you will enjoy breathtaking scenic views of the Snake River, Shoshone Falls, and the Sawtooth Mountains. As you approach the door to the airplane, the rush you will experience is like no other. After exiting the aircraft, and freefalling for nearly 1 minute, your parachute is deployed and you will enjoy an absolutely beautiful canopy ride over the Magic Valley. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced before in your life! Come experience the thrill of flight!

  • Buy 6 for $210.00 each and save 7%
  • Buy 10 for $205.00 each and save 9%

Instructor Assisted Deployment Level 1from $179.00

Do you want learn to skydive on your own? Well this is the program for you! IAD stands for Instructor Assisted Deployment. It is a variation of the Static Line instruction method, the most proven and effective way to learn to skydive. One of our highly rated instructors will train you on the basics of exiting the aircraft, canopy control, landing, and emergency procedures. After completing the first jump course, you will be equipped with your own rig and taken to an altitude of 3,500 ft. to make your first solo skydive. Your parachute is deployed by your instructor upon exiting the aircraft. You'll feel exhilarated as you watch your parachute deploy and you begin your beautiful canopy ride back down to the ground. While under your parachute, you will perform basic canopy control maneuvers as discussed in the ground school. Ground to Air radio will be on your for additional instructions. Once you have safely performed your landing, you will receive a debrief on your performance as well as a certificate and logbook to document your first step in earning a USPA license. You can sign up for IAD Level 1 whether you've ever made a Tandem Skydive or not. Ground School is taught on Friday evening, with a supper break over at our airport restaurant, Happy Landings. A refresher will be done on Saturday or Sunday before you make your jump!

AFP Ground Schoolfrom $100.00

Accelerated Freefall Program’s Ground School (the first requirement to gaining you license) is $100 and covers all ground school throughout your student program. The first three hours is delivered prior to your first instructional jump. Ground school can be reserved on-line for any Tuesday or Thursday evening.

Multimedia Packages & Rates

DVD Videofrom $79.00

A personalized 8 - 10 minute DVD professionally edited and set to music.

DVD Video & Digital Still Photosfrom $139.00

A personalized 8 - 10 minute SD DVD professionally edited and set to music and a CD filled with high resolution still shots. An additional jumper, a camera flyer, will join you and your instructor to document your tandem skydive for you!