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Paradise Skydives, Vinton, IA

Quick Facts

  • Caravan, Cessna 182
  • Highest Exit Altitude: 13,500'
  • In Business Since: 1988
  • Training Methods: AFF, Tandem
  • Turbine DZ
  • USPA Member
  • Outside Video


We are home to Iowa's only full-time turbine jump aircraft. Our Cessna Grand Caravan simply dwarfs the aircraft at all other drop zones in Iowa. With a maximum seating capacity of 18 jumpers, our Cessna Grand Caravan holds 12 - 14 more jumpers than the aircraft found at other drop zones in Iowa! In addition to being much larger, the Cessna Grand Caravan also flies much faster and higher than non-turbine aircraft used by other drop zones in Iowa. So what does this all mean? It means you'll have the BEST skydiving experience at Paradise Skydives, Inc. So what's the catch? Well, there's good news ... and even more good news! Paradise Skydives offers the MOST FREEFALL, FOR THE LOWEST COST in Iowa. For just a few bucks more than what other drop zones in Iowa charge for a tandem, a tandem jump at Paradise Skydives will get over 60 seconds of freefall (compare that with a maximum of 31 seconds freefall time at all the other DZ's in Iowa)! That's DOUBLE THE FREEFALL TIME for about the same price. In fact, in terms of price per foot of altitude, PARADISE SKYDIVES OFFERS THE LOWEST COST TANDEM SKYDIVES in the state. For the most direct price comparison, check these stats out - Paradise Skydives charges only 1.62¢ per foot of altitude while other DZ's in Iowa charge 1.75¢ - 2.05¢ per foot. A 13,500' skydives at one of those other DZ's could cost $57.75 MORE than the same tandem jump at Paradise Skydives!!! But it's a moot point, only our Cessna Grand Caravan climbs to 13,500 feet for jumping, the aircraft at other Iowa DZ's only have a 10,000 foot maximum jump altitude, they simply can't fly as high. Once again, Paradise Skydives, Inc. is clearly THE PLACE TO JUMP in Iowa. With clean and comfortable facilities, from our heated and air-conditioned manifest office to our huge indoor carpeted packing area to our clean and comfortable restrooms, we simply can not be beat! Add it all up, and you have an unbeatable combination of, the most altitude and the best value, only at Paradise Skydives in Vinton, Iowa!

Location Amenities

  • Camping
  • Climate-Controlled Packing Area
  • Coaches
  • Creeping Area
  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Load Organizers
  • Rigging Services
  • RV Hookups
  • Showers
  • Video Debrief Facilities

Jump Packages & Rates

Tandem Skydivefrom $219.00

Not sure that you want to skydive more than once? Then a tandem skydive is the way to go. After about a half hour of instruction you'll be ready for a once in a lifetime experience. You'll be attached to your instructor with a special harness and use a special parachute built for two. You'll experience the thrill of a tandem freefall for 1 full minute from 13,000' with the comfort of having a highly experienced instructor to guide you. After you open the parachute you get to experience the spectacular views as you slowly descend over the next five minutes to the earth for a nice easy landing.

  • Buy 5 for $209.00 each and save 5%
  • Buy 10 for $199.00 each and save 10%
  • Buy 15 for $189.00 each and save 14%

Solo Freefall Skydivefrom $299.00

The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program is the industry standard for skydive certification. In only eight jumps you can receive your certificate that allows you to jump without instructors anywhere in the world. And if you want photos or video of yourself in freefall, we can arrange that as well. You must weigh 225 lbs. or less and be at least 18 years old for AFF. Your ground instruction takes from 6 to 8 hours (depending on class size) and begins at 8 am sharp. The instruction is much more detailed because you're in charge of this skydive. You have instructors who will exit the airplane with you, fly by your side to guide and assist you during your nearly one minute of freefall. The instructors will leave your side after you have deployed your own parachute. After 4 - 5 minutes of awesome views, you will land your parachute under radio guidance from your ground instructor.

Multimedia Packages & Rates

Video Packagefrom $90.00

Be sure to add video to your first-time experience at Paradise Skydives.