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Skyventure Colorado, Lone Tree, CO

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SkyVenture Colorado simply put is flying; you will soar on a column of air. SkyVenture Colorado is the world leader in vertical wind tunnels. SkyVenture Colorado produces wall-to-wall airflow that is smooth and fun to fly in. Precise air flow control combined with certified instructors make for a great experience. SkyVenture's 1200 horsepower fan system generates freefall-speed winds of over 160mph, in a controlled and comfortable environment! Four 300 horsepower fans circulate air around the interior of the structure, generating the same wind speed which skydivers feel during freefall. By learning to position yourself to balance on this airflow, you'll learn to fly your body the way skydivers do, close to mother earth and in view of your friends and family! Two fans are located on each side of the top level of the building. Wind is generated away from the center, flowing down the sides of the Return Air Towers, and into the basement. From there, it transitions toward the center, where the flow from each side joins together and proceed upward. At this point the wind is approximately 30mph. As the wind travels upward, it passes through the Inlet Contractor, which narrows the path to 12 feet in diameter. Physics tells us that by narrowing the opening, air speed increases. Before reaching the Flight Chamber, the wind has reached upwards of 120mph! The Lower Flight Chamber is surrounded by plexi-glass through which the flyer is visible to spectators. Above that is the Diffuser, which gradually increases in diameter before the wind is turned outwards to the fans. This slows the airflow near the top and is one of the safety features of SkyVenture wind tunnels, helping beginning flyers to stay in a safe position within the Flight Chamber. While other tunnels take in all the air from the outside, ours recirculates air as described in order to reduce noise and to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. The Return Air Towers have Louver Doors which can be opened to allow whatever amount of fresh air is required to keep the tunnel cool during warmer times. For the aerodynamically inclined, are you curious how the airflow is turned around corners? Turning Vanes are banks of airfoils curved 90-degrees, guiding the air around corners without introducing excessive drag or turbulence. SkyVenture's tunnels were designed by professional wind tunnel engineers from organizations such as NASA. It's the most efficient design in the world, with a smooth interior laminar flow, which makes SkyVenture often refered to as "an airplane, turned inside-out!"

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Jump Packages & Rates

First Flight Experiencefrom FREE

Experience the thrill of skydiving without any of the danger. You can fly in winds upwards of 120 mph and enjoy the thrill of flight in our outdoor wind tunnel. The entire experience is 30 minutes and you will be taught by a certified wind tunnel instructor.

Multimedia Packages & Rates

Video of your flightfrom FREE

This great video option is taken from a small video camera mounted inside the wind tunnel. We can video your entire flight and burn it to a CD or put it on a thumb drive for you to show your family and friends your experience.