PRO Skydiving

For Dropzones

Complete Skydiving Customer Management Solution

PROskydiving is an integrated online system allowing dropzones to streamline the student booking process.

PROskydiving Benefits

Capture more customers and increase your company's exposure by becoming a PROskydiving Network Dropzone. We give your customers the confidence they need to make online purchases for your dropzone:

  • Free to Join - No Setup or Monthly Costs
  • Expanded Dropzone Listing
  • Rank Above Non-Member Dropzones in Search Results
  • Receive Additional Customers via PROskydiving
  • Direct Communication with Customers
  • Take Reservations Directly From Your Website
  • Facebook Integration
  • Reduced Phone Calls
  • Increased Revenue

Online Reservations

  • Accept secure online reservations from your dropzone’s website.
  • Manage your dropzone description, services, pricing, specials, and more from a multiuser portal.
  • No merchant account or SSL security required.
  • Professional, customizable email confirmation sent out to every customer.

Phone Reservations

  • Take phone reservations from anywhere via your multiuser portal.
  • Intuitive and easy to use for customers, staff, and management.
  • Integrated solution with control over class times, close dates, reports, & more.
  • No software to manage. Hosted system & features regularly updated.

PROskydiving Leads

  • Be a featured dropzone on
  • Customers can book directly from
  • National marketing will drive business to network dropzones.
  • Customer service and network support provided by the CSC Team.

Our goal is to increase the exposure of all dropzones and promote skydiving as a whole. To that end, we provide free listings and website links to all US based dropzones. PROskydiving visitors can search for dropzones via state and zip code proximity which provides dropzones increased exposure and added link popularity with search engines.

  • No signup fees.
  • No membership fees.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Contact us to signup or for more information.

How Does it Work?

PROskydiving offers you varying levels of involvement:

Tier 1 - Every US dropzone is currently listed on PROskydiving with a link to their website (note that this link does not give SEO credit for your website).  This is our way of showing the industry that we are here to help promote business for all dropzones.

Tier 2 - Your dropzone agrees to join the PROskydiving Network and accept customers who initiate their purchase via PROskydiving's website.  Additionally, your dropzone will be highlighted as a PROskydiving Network DZ and your link will then give you SEO credit to help increase your company's search results.  Customers are managed thru an admin page and must be contacted to finalize the booking process.

Tier 3 - Your dropzone takes advantage of the embedded PROskydiving reservation system.  With this system configured and activated (from your admin page), PROskydiving customers will see real-time reservation data when booking for your dropzone on  Also, you can use the system to manage all phone reservations that come to your dropzone.  You will now have a centralized, web-based system to manage your reservations.  There is no cost to use the reservation system for phone reservations.

Tier 4 - You're ready to turn your static, informational website into a 24-hour a day e-commerce solution by posting the PROskydiving reservation system on your company's website.  In addition to the functionality provided in tiers 1 thru 3, your customers will now see your real-time reservation data and will choose class dates/times that help make your operation run smoother.  It reduces time you and your staff spend on the phone by allowing customers to book online.  PROskydiving manages all SSL security and the online merchant services account.  Now, all of your DZ's reservations (from PROskydiving, your website, and phone orders) can be managed from a single, web-based source accessible from any internet connection.  Varying levels of admin access are controlled by DZ management and can give some staff members full access to the system while others can only see how many students are booked for the next 3 days (a nice feature for your instructors).  

The PROskydiving Network is in its early stages and we have big plans moving forward.  Coming soon, dropzones will have the ability to sell automated gift certificates from their website and customers can then book their experience using the reservation system.  We are proud of what we have created and know what it can do for DZ's who are ready to accept online reservations.  We've seen it first-hand!  There is no obligation to join our network and there are no fees to be a member.  We invite you to try it out and see for yourself what it can do for your business.

Why Should I be Interested?

It's a proven model. Many industries use a central point of sale and combined national marketing. Airline, hotel and car rental industries are just a few that take advantage of the billions of dollars spent online annually. PROskydiving provides network dropzones an easy to use purchasing environment that is safe and secure both on and from your dropzone's website. As a PROskydiving Network DZ, there is no additional overhead, no software to manage or update, and no costly website setup or development. Chicagoland Skydiving Center has spent the past 9 years developing an online solution that has increased annual student business at CSC by over 150%. As one of the highest ranked skydiving centers on, we feel that a large part of our success is directly related to our website, web-based reservation system, and overall ability to manage our online consumers. PROskydiving gives your dropzone access to those online tools.

How much does it cost?

It's free to sign up and there are no monthly fees to be a PROskydiving Network Dropzone. PROskydiving only charges for actual sales. Only if a customer purchases a jump package or redeems a gift certificate for your dropzone will you be charged. There is no charge for any phone reservations.

We've designed our system to allow you to set your own listing price for jumps and video options. For reservations that utilize the payment server, there is a fee of 2.9% of the total transaction paid to PROskydiving.  For customers that book online there is also a 3% credit card fee that the credit card company collects just as if the customer were to pay with a credit card at your facility.  The total per transaction is 5.9% of the transaction collected by PROskydiving at the time of purchase, of which only 2.9% goes to PROskydiving and we pay the other 3% to the credit card for their merchant processing fees.  PROskydiving covers all credit card fees and SSL security for these transactions.  Reimbursements are made via ACH bank transfer once a week.

Who's Involved?

Chicagoland Skydiving Center, the dropzone known for quality and customer service. CSC brings it's top rated customer service and network support to PROskydiving.

Douglas Smith
  • Drop zone operator since 2000
  • Aircraft owner/operator
  • 9,500+ jumps
  • Tandem, AFF, Video, Pilot
  • Software sales experience
Todd Wolaver
  • 10 years of internet development & design experience
  • 13 years of advertising design
  • 52 jumps