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Tandem Jump

When you're ready to go skydiving you may not understand why you should experience a tandem jump first. Some very adventurous ones are ready to simply strap on the chute and jump from the plane, and those who have experience in high altitudes such as skiers and base jumpers may feel they're just as ready.However a tandem jump is almost always recommended for first time skydivers no matter your physical abilities and no matter your experiences at high altitudes. Your safety is always going to be of utmost concern with your instructors and the people that take you up, so they will decide what's best for someone new to the experience. A tandem jump, meaning someone strapped to your back or holding hands with you all the way down, is almost always chosen for beginners.There are many reasons why a tandem jump is preferred by beginners and why it's the rule for some schools and instructors. Consider a few reasons for that here.

Your Safety

Obviously your safety is of utmost concern when skydiving, and a tandem jump is the best way to ensure that safety no matter your experiences. When you have someone literally strapped to your back, there is no question of working the parachute properly and of getting help in case of an emergency. Many first-time jumpers, even if they believe they are ready to jump, forget everything they learned in class when they're actually in the air. A tandem jump means they are protected and safe no matter what.Many don't realize how a tandem jump works and they may assume that it takes something away from the sensation of skydiving. In truth, you enjoy the experience just as much even when you're with someone else. There may be a bit of a drag because of the added weight but the person conducting the tandem jump is not there to distract you in any way that doesn't involve your safety.

Added Enjoyment

You may even enjoy a tandem jump more than a typical jump when you're skydiving. When you join a group and perform tricks or stunts, something that is reserved for more experienced divers, you can experience a faster fall which heightens the rush. You also learn to control your movements more so you can perform those stunts and tricks such as spins or flying through hoops. When you perform a tandem jump with another diver you can actually enjoy the sport and hobby more since you're challenging yourself to do more than just fall freely.When you plan a tandem jump for fun and enjoyment or for your own safety you get more from skydiving than you've ever experienced. Some don't realize that you can improve your experience and challenge yourself when skydiving but this can be done, if you understand how. A good tandem jump is safe for beginners but also means a better experience for those who have been skydiving for any number of years.