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Sky Diving

Do you love sky diving? If so, you may wonder how you can do that for a living. After all, wouldn't it be great to make a career of something that you really enjoy and that gives you such a rush and sense of exhilaration? You may not be able to actually just jump out of a plane whenever you want and get paid for it, but there are many ways to make a career of sky diving no matter where you live, and this includes city areas as well as rural areas.Investigating the different ways you earn a living through sky diving is the first step; you may not realize how these skills are needed both for jumping and for instruction. There are many areas and careers where sky diving is corollary, meaning you need to know how to jump as part of another type of job. This may mean learning a new skill or learning about a new industry, but it can also mean a great career that you love and one that you never expected.Here are some considerations for anyone that wants to learn sky diving and that is interested in doing it for a living. Be sure to visit a career counselor or school counselor to get more details before you decide on your perfect career choice.

Fire and Rescue

Do you know what a smoke jumper is? This is a person that uses sky diving to help put out fires typically in very rural areas. They jump from a low-flying plane to an area that is otherwise inaccessible on the ground in order to help battle a blaze from that area. This type of career combines the skills of a firefighter with sky diving experience and abilities. Obviously it can be very dangerous but it's also very rewarding and exhilarating as you know you're doing something that saves the environment and saves lives as well.Rescue workers sometimes also need the skills of sky diving, depending upon where they're working and who or what they're trying to rescue. In most cases a rescue worker will need to use wires to repel to a trapped person but there are extreme cases where they must jump into an area in order to help with rescue work. Again, this means more skills as you need to learn lifesaving techniques and things such as these, but they involve the sky diving experience you love.

Instruction and Performance

There are those that use sky diving as part of a performance and they may earn quite a bit, depending upon their customers and performances. Being part of a team of tandem jumpers is often the best route to take. You can also instruct others that are interested in sky diving by working in a school or even by joining the military. Consider all these options carefully as there are many open to anyone that wants a career from this exhilarating hobby.