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Tandem Skydiving

Have You Tried tandem Skydiving?

Let's face it, you aren't a skydiving pro yet, and the only way that you can learn something like this is from the very beginning. I am sure that you don't want to be in the same position a baby bird is; the mother pushes her little baby bird right out of the nest and she learns to fly instantly! The same doesn't happen with humans, but the next best solution is tandem skydiving.

What is tandem Skydiving?

tandem skydiving
is a student going skydiving connected with a trainer. Both parties are connected by a harness, and then instructor talks the student through the whole process from the freefall, to piloting the canopy, and then to the landing. Generally in this case, the student only requires minimal training because they are jumping in tandem with the instructor. Skydiving is dangerous for those who have no experience which is why this is the only way that new skydivers train. tandem skydiving is the most popular way for new divers to train, because of the nature of what they are doing, but it is more expensive than using the static line method. The end result is that this is the best way for new students to learn skydiving without a lot of risk. The benefit in doing it this way far surpasses what anyone would gain from doing it another way and paying a lesser cost.

The Differences Between Tandem and Other Skydiving

tandem skydiving
requires the use of some equipment that differs from the equipment that would be used when skydiving as a trained diver. The drogue parachute is one of the most commonly used chutes used when training, because it deploys earlier in order to slow down the rate at which the diver is falling. In the beginning it is best that the diver falls slowly, so that they can get the feel of what it is like to dive, and experience what it's like to be airborne. They can also fall at the same rate as the videographers which make it easier to train a new diver on their posture as they dive. The important thing to remember is that tandem skydiving is used to train new divers, so they use stronger equipment in order to handle much larger parachutes. The larger parachutes are designed to hold the weight of two passengers for the sake of the tandem jump, so they are rigged with two parachutes rather than one.

There is a reserve parachute and a main parachute, as well as an automatic activation device. The purpose of the device is to trigger the deployment of the parachute should it detect that the diver is too far below altitude when diving. In conclusion, tandem skydiving is the best way to train for skydiving, simply because it is safer, and the student gets instruction during the dive directly from the instructor during the dive. Jumping in tandem is always the preferred method to learning how to dive, and for those who are ready to learn, contact Pro Sky Diving today!