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Tandem Jump

Making Your tandem Jump

Let's face it, not everyone is ready or willing to just go and jump off a plane. That is why doing a tandem jump is the first step to the skydiving experience. Jumping in tandem with an instructor is always more comfortable and beneficial to those who have no knowledge of skydiving, and it's the most popular way to train someone new. Although the student does receive very little instruction prior to the initial dive, the instructor can talk the student through the whole process in hopes that they pick up on the tips and techniques they provide.

What is a tandem Jump?

Even though we have alluded to what a tandem jump is, clearing up the definition for you will be helpful. Doing a tandem jump means that a student and instructor are attached to each other during the skydiving session. This is the most popular way to train someone who has never been skydiving, and it provides them with a little bit more security. The student and the instructor are attached via a harness, and the instructor will be there to ensure that the parachute is deployed at just the right time. Oftentimes when someone is going on their first skydiving trip they are a little nervous about operating the parachute and positioning themselves correctly as they go floating through the air. This is why the tandem jump is the best way to start out; it provides the student with a bit more security and reassurance that everything will be fine because they are hooked up with a professional who has been doing this for years. Those who admire skydiving have this surreal feeling that it is all so simple and that they are just fine. Then they get into the plane and up they go, and once they get up there the reality sets in that they are thousands of feet up in the air and they are getting ready to jump out of a plane and into the air like a bird. Those who jump for the first time know that they really didn't believe that they were going to fly like a bird, but they were a little on the scared side once the reality hit them.

Is There Risk in tandem Jump?

No matter when and where you jump, or even with who, skydiving is a risk. There are no guarantees that the parachute will deploy correctly even when attached to an instructor. A parachute should not default when packed and operated correctly, but at any given time anything could happen. Once you sign your release of liability it is all up to you, and there are people who still second guess what they are doing while they are in the air! In conclusion, being in excellent health and at a healthy weight are both required in order to go skydiving. Whether you are jumping at 15,000 feet or 50,000 feet you need to be able to withstand the rigor of the air hitting you in the face, and being able to breathe properly. Doing a tandem jump is the best first time experience, but falling out of the sky can be viewed as just a little crazy!