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Freefall Skydive

The Basics of Learning to Freefall Skydive

When skydiving for the first time you won't be doing a Freefall skydive, and it's important that you are doing your dive with someone experienced and in the proper location. Flying through the air at 60 miles per second can put you in a precarious position, so it's important to be prepared and in the company of those who are prepared too! Learning the necessary techniques and skills is the first step!

What is a Freefall Skydive?

A Freefall skydive is different from tandem jumping in that you are jumping alone and you are not attached to someone else. Accelerated freefall is also a way to learn skydiving, but this method starts with diving at 15,000 feet. While falling the instructor teaches the student through various hand signals while on their way down. The period of time they are in the air allows for them to do so, but it's simply a matter of preference. There are four basic components to learning how to Freefall skydive: freefall techniques, safety, landing, and procedures for the parachute. These are all important to learn for everyone's benefit, not just for the individual that is diving. Most that are diving for the first time are curious about what is most important, because they fear that with one false move, the dive will not end successfully!

The First Freefall Skill That Divers Learn

The most important skill that skydivers learn is how to position themselves for the proper "fall". Some assume that once you jump out of the plane, you just stick your arms and legs out, but that isn't necessarily the case. To Freefall skydive properly; the most important position is the position you hold on the way down, which means that you should your belly down facing the earth. This position doesn't have much to do with speed, but it does directly affect operating the parachute properly. The key to being able to land is being able to operate the parachute properly, and landing properly is the last step. They are all important from start to finish, so there isn't any reason that the end result of your skydive should be a painful event!

An Overview of Skydiving

Skydiving lessons are the best way to learn any method of skydiving whether it is a Freefall skydive or tandem skydiving. Those who are skydiving for the first time should do a tandem jump so that they are connected to someone who had done this before. This is best for all parties involved and can provide a much more comfortable environment than doing it any other way. In conclusion, those who haven't done a skydive before always think it sounds like a lot of fun, but the reality sets in once the time has come to step off of the plane and begin their dive. The best way to handle the nervous diver is to give them skydiving lessons, and just be sure that they are comfortable with the process. These diving skills just don't fall out of the sky!